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See Photos from the 2013 Alumni Cup
See Videos from the 2013 Alumni Cup

Scores of students, faculty, staff, and alumni crowded the Kim Engineering Building Rotunda and lined the stairs and balconies of the building to witness the Civil and Environmental Engineering student team capture 1st place in this year's Clark School Alumni Cup.

The Fire Protection Engineering team captured 2nd place, while the Aerospace Engineering team took 3rd place.

The Clark School Alumni Cup is an annual engineering design competition that was started in 2012 by the University of Maryland Alumni Association's Engineering Chapter. Teams of students from each engineering discipline compete against each other in design, presentation, and team spirit for the title of Best Engineering Discipline and Department of 2013 and the winning student team members has their names engraved on the Alumni Cup trophy in Glenn L. Martin Hall.

Last year, the Aerospace Engineering team won the inaugural Alumni Cup competition.

This year's competition required the student teams to devise a complex, Rube Goldberg-inspired device that would drive a nail into a material from which a 20-lb weight could be hung. Each team had to incorporate some aspect of its discipline into its device.

Students and alumni cheered, as each department's team took on the task, one by one. After three rounds,  the Civil and Environmental Engineering team was declared the winner.

The members of the winning team from Civil and Environmental Engineering were:

Erin Strittmatter (Team Captain), Senior - Infrastructure
Laken Ensor, Senior - Infrastructure
Amanda Boehmlein, Senior - Infrastructure
Matthew Gladding, Senior - Infrastructure
Katie O’Brien, Senior - Environmental & Water Resources
Robert Marengo, Senior - Infrastructure
Jonathan Schneider, Sophomore - Transportation & Project Management
John Groeger, Sophomore - Environmental & Water Resources

Special recognition is deserved for the event organizers and judges:

Alumni Cup Co-Chairs:
Elisabeth Goldwasser, BS ’02 Mechanical Engineering
Kevin Schoonover, BS ’06 Aerospace Engineering
Darryll Pines, Dean of the Clark School
Josey Simpson, Director of Alumni Relations, BS ’84 Marketing
Doyin Adewodu, ME ’10 Electrical Engineering
Dave Erickson, BS ’98 Electrical Engineering, BA ’98 Music
Russ Werneth, BS ’64, MS ’68 Mechanical Engineering
Theresa Wolfe, Amethyst Technologies LLC
Erin LaBarre, BS ’05, MS ’06 Materials Engineering
Jeff Marcus, BS ’75 Mechanical Engineering
Ralph Wheeler, BS ’79 Civil Engineering

"I am so proud of our students and truly grateful for the support and dedication of our alumni chapter board members – especially Elisabeth Goldwasser and Kevin Schoonover – our volunteers, corporate partners, faculty and staff," said Josey Simpson. "It was an amazing, fun-filled day at the Clark School!"

The Alumni Cup closes out activities related to National Engineers Week. For more information, visit:

See photos from the 2013 Alumni Cup

See videos from the 2013 Alumni Cup:
Civil and Environmental Engineering Run #1
Civil and Environmental Engineering Run #2
Fire Protection Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

February 22, 2013

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