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The Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS) Foundation has awarded five students from the University of Maryland A. James Clark School of Engineering with scholarships for the 2014-2015 school year. Each scholar is a merit award winner currently pursuing significant research in science, technology, or medical topics. The honorees attended a reception at the Great Hall and Auditorium of the National Academy of Sciences headquarters building in Washington, D.C., on October 23.

This year’s scholars include:

Colin M. Gore, Lockheed Martin Scholar
Colin, a Third Year Scholar, is a Ph.D candidate in Materials Science and Engineering. His research interest is sustainable energy, with particular focus on fuel cells. Currently, he is working with solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) anode materials for use with hydrocarbon fuels including methane and logistics fuels, with the intent of improving stability and efficiency in stationary and portable applications. He received his undergraduate degree from Lehigh University.

Christopher E. Hendricks, Aerospace Scholar
Christopher is a Second Year Scholar who is currently a Ph.D candidate in Mechanical Engineering. His research focuses on lithium-ion battery safety and reliability through the use of physics-based models and sensor systems to enable failure prediction under various life cycle operating conditions. He received his undergraduate degree from the College of William and Mary (BS Physics) and a graduate degree from Vanderbilt University (MS Mechanical Engineering).

Omid D. Rahmanian, The Gerald and Paula McNichols Foundation Scholar
Omid is a Second Year Scholar who works as a graduate research assistant in Bioengineering. His research pertains to the development of simple, low-cost microfluidic devices for the rapid diagnosis of infections caused by many viruses important to public health. The small disposable devices can be used in resource-poor settings such as sub-Saharan Africa or active war zones, but can also be targeted for at-home-diagnostics in more developed countries. He earned his undergraduate degree from the Univeristy of California (BS Bioengineering)

Bernadette Cannon, Wanda M. Austin Undergraduate Scholar
Bernadette is a First Year Scholar in Aerospace Engineering. She is interested in the area of spacecraft propulsion and orbital debris and is studying how to deorbit space debris through laser ablation techniques that could create a desired trajectory. She aims to work in the spaceflight industry furthering technology, knowledge and exploration.

Anna Whittaker, Clark Construction Undergraduate Scholar
Anna is a First Year Scholar in Civil and Environmental Engineering. She is working on structural control and green roof design as well as creating and modeling new devices to mitigate damage caused by earthquakes and impulses.

UMD Ph.D. candidates Eleanor Gillette (Chemistry/Biochemistry) and Rachel Lee (Physics) also received scholarships for the 2014-2015 academic year.  

Since 1998, 65 University of Maryland students have been designated ARCS Scholars, receiving nearly $1 million in support from the Metro Washington chapter of ARCS for their outstanding work. Visit the ARCS website to learn more about the ARCS scholar program, including requirements for application.

The full list of 2014-2015 regional scholars can be found here.


October 30, 2014

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